Why We Love Muscle (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Muscle (And You Should Too!) - Fitness Health

 Why We Love Muscle (And You Should Too!)



Of course, being in fitness, you can pretty much assume that we love muscles. And we do! But do you know why? Get ready because the answer to this question will probably get you loving muscle too!

For starters, building muscle is a great way to protect your body as you age. As Internal Medicine M.D., Dr. Michael Roizen explains, once you reach the age of 35, you can expect to lose roughly five percent of your muscle mass every decade thereafter.

One way to avoid this is to build muscle while you’re still young. And if you’re already over 35, or close to it, you can stop or reverse these effects by starting to work your muscles now.

Another reason we love muscle is that it raises the amount of energy your body needs, even while at rest. Translation: you’ll burn more calories with greater muscle mass while engaged in sedentary activities such as watching a movie or sleeping. The reason for this is because it takes more energy to support muscle than it does fat.

Additionally, by having more muscle mass, your body looks more trim and tone. Case in point, have you noticed that you can have two people who both weigh the same amount, yet they look very different? This is probably because one has a higher muscle mass percentage than the other. This also means that you’ll feel better in your clothes because your “bulk” will be in all the right places!

Finally, having a good bit of muscle mass enables you to live your life doing the things that you enjoy. Whether that means taking long bike rides with family, playing the sports you love, or even having fun in the yard with your kids, none of that is possible without muscle.

That’s why we love muscle…and you should too!

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