Think You’re Cut Out for Doing Fitness? Take This Quiz

Think You’re Cut Out for Doing Fitness? Take This Quiz - Fitness Health

Think you're cut out for fitness? take this quiz

Have you been considering doing fitness, but aren’t sure you’re cut out for it? Just take this quick quiz and you’ll know for sure!

  1. True or false: Building muscle won’t help you lose weight.

The answer is false. Because muscle requires more energy than fat, building muscle mass can help you lose weight. It also makes you look thinner because your body will become more tone.

  1. What is the one macronutrient most important to building muscle mass: Protein, carbs, or fat?

While your body needs all three macronutrients for maximum health, the one most important to building muscle mass is protein. Protein works to preserve your body’s muscles, helping to repair them after a tough workout so they become bigger and stronger.

  1. Pick the best answer: You should always/sometimes/never warm up.

When getting ready to work out, you should always warm up. If you don’t, you risk injuring your muscles because they’re cold and not as flexible. Five to ten minutes will do it and all you have to do is walk, bike, or engage in some type of physical activity at low intensity.

  1. Do you believe the old adage “no pain, no gain”?

If you answered no, then you’re probably cut out for doing fitness because you’re correct! Exercise should never be painful. It might be uncomfortable and push your limits, but it should never, ever hurt. If it does, stop doing whatever you’re doing because something isn’t right.

  1. Fill in the blank: I currently work out _____ times per week faithfully and consistently.

Any answer over three times a week shows that you understand that fitness is necessary and that you’re willing to make it an everyday part of your life. That means that you are cut out for doing fitness!

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