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TRX fitness benefits

Posted by Rene Harwood on


TRX system is one of the most efficient ways to maximise the amount of strength training possible per unit of time. In essence, you can work the whole body by switching an exercise for one body part to another in a matter of seconds. In a typical fitness environment, a rather extensive quantity of time is spent stacking and unloading a training machine. The TRX system bypasses this. What’s more, the design ensures that every exercise engages what is commonly referred to as your ‘core’ (i.e., abdominal area, buttocks, back, and chest). The core is used in virtually every strength-related endeavour you can undertake. Tied to this is the fact that fundamentally every exercise executed is a compound exercise(where more than one joint is moved). What this means is that the strength and muscle growth gains are capitalised on. On that same note, TRX training is a productive tool for ‘plyometric training’, which allows for ideal power-based training (a skill essential to most sports).


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