5 springtime fitness hacks


With springtime here and summer rapidly approaching, many of you are searching for ways to increase your fitness. With that thought in mind, here are five hacks that will give you a better body, especially this time of year:

  1. Work in the Yard

Although you won’t be doing a regimented exercise program while doing yard work, tidying up after the winter winds down is a great way to burn calories while improving your landscape at the same time. Whether you’re mowing the grass, pruning the bushes, planting flowers, or picking up sticks, it all helps.

  1. Sign Up for an Outdoor Fitness Event

With warming temperatures, you’ll find it easier to locate fitness-related events that take place outdoors. One to consider is a 5k. However, if you’re in good shape and want to challenge your body even more, then consider a tougher physical competition, like the Tough Mudder.

  1. Start a Spring-Related Fitness Habit

The best way to make fitness a consistent part of your life is to develop positive habits. A good springtime habit is to take the first Saturday or Sunday after the snow melts and start taking weekly bike rides or going on hikes. And if you’re in an area that doesn’t get snow, you could use a weekend day without rain as the trigger to get outdoors and get physical.

  1. Set a Goal to Reach by the 1st Day of Summer

Nothing gets you motivated more than reaching a goal, so now is a good time to decide what you want to achieve by the 1st day of summer (which is June 21st, by the way). Write it down and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day, encouraging you to reach it.

  1. Try Something New

If you enjoy your fitness activities, you’re more likely to make them a part of your everyday life. So make it a point to try new and different physical activities this spring. This will keep you looking forward to getting more fit, which will…get you more fit!

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