benefits of burpees for fitness and weight loss

Benefits of Burpees for Fitness and Weight Loss

There are a number of different exercises you can do to enhance your fitness or improve your weight loss efforts. Well, burpees are one of them and this exercise provides benefits towards both. How?

If you’ve ever done a burpee, then you know you’re probably going to feel it the next day. This is because burpees work your entire body, providing a greater level of fitness as a result. Very few exercises do this, which makes them superior in that they provide a full-body workout simply by going through the burpee sequence.  

And because no equipment is necessary for doing burpees, you can literally do them anywhere. You can do them at home, in the break station at work, at the park…anywhere. This means that you can tend to your fitness, constantly improving it, regardless of where your schedule takes you throughout the day.

Another fitness benefit of burpees is that they help you build your muscle strength and size. Because you’re working against your body’s weight as a form of resistance, you’ll notice that you are noticeably stronger after doing this exercise regularly over time.

In addition, burpees are great for increasing your endurance. This is important if you want to be able to perform exercises for longer periods with fewer effects on your body.

Burpees are good for weight loss too. Between the speed and force of the movements and the way they get your heart pumping, you’re sure to work up quite a sweat doing burpees.

In fact, if you do burpees for 30 minutes straight, you’ll burn roughly 240-355 calories, depending on your size. This is almost two times as many as walking and stretching, and right in line with more gruelling physical activities such as cycling and rock climbing.

Keep doing burpees and you’ll be fit and trim in no time!

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