5 Most Essential Tips For Using a Treadmill



A lot of people don’t give using a treadmill a second thought. They simply hop on, walk or run their desired length of time, and hop off…satisfied that their workout is done. However, taking this approach to your treadmill regimen can negatively impact your workout results.

Therefore, here are five of the most essential tips you want to follow when using a treadmill if your goal is to see improvements in your body and health:

  • Start slow. While you may be tempted to skip your warmup because you’re “just on the treadmill,” doing so can increase your risk of injury since your muscles aren’t as flexible and fluid when they’re cold. Do at least five minutes of slower walking to get your body ready to safely proceed into your workout.

  • Use your incline. If you typically spend your entire workout with the treadmill lying flat, then you’re missing out on the advantages of going uphill. For this reason, vary your inclines to work your muscles harder. You’ll see gains in strength and size when you do.

  • Play with your speeds. Another way to improve the results of your treadmill sessions is to play around with your speeds, alternating between fast and slow. It’s basically interval training, which can give you faster results in less time.

  • Keep it interesting. Because treadmills can quickly become boring, you want to do things to keep your sessions more interesting. A couple options include putting the treadmill in front of the TV, listening to music while on it, or using one of those walking DVDs that gives you the feeling of being on an outdoor path.

  • Be consistent. The only way you’re going to see results from your treadmill is if you’re on it regularly. So make it a point to get on it more days than not.
  • Any that you’d like to add? Feel free to do so below!

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