Exercises to Help You Get Ready for the Beach


Although most of us look forward to summertime and its fun water sports and barbeques, the one thing that many fret is having to wear a swimsuit to these types of events. This is especially true if you tend to take the winters off from working out, leaving you with a figure that isn’t as trim or toned as you’d like.

However, just because you have a little extra weight right now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it off and be ready for the beach by the time summer actually arrives. Here are a couple exercises that can help you do that, leaving you with a smile once swimsuit season is in full swing:

  • Triceps Dips. This exercise can help you sculpt the back of your upper arms so you can keep it from jiggling every time you wave to your friends or play volleyball on the beach.
  • Pull Aparts. One of the areas people like to tone in preparation for bathing suits is the shoulders and upper back, both of which you can work by standing with one end of a resistance band in each hand and slowly pulling them apart until your arms are extended fully to your side.
  • Planks. If your goal is to tighten your abdominal area, planks are a great way to go. Simply hold it for as long as you can, working to increase that time as your midsection gets stronger.
  • Squats. Give yourself a tone and firm backside by doing squats every few days. And if they become too easy, try them while holding weights or a medicine ball to add some resistance.

It also helps to do a little cardio to burn off any excess fat. Running and jumping rope are a couple great alternatives to try.

What are your go-to exercises for a beach-ready body? Feel free to share them below!

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