4 tools everyone in the wellness industry should be using


As a service-based professional, your level of effectiveness is often determined by the tools you have to use. For instance, if you’re a plumber, you’re probably not going to get very far without a wrench. And if you’re a carpet cleaner, not having a machine is likely going to stop anyone from calling you because you’re going to take too much time.

The same is true for wellness professionals. So what types of tools should you be using if this is your chosen industry? Here are four:

  1. Heart rate monitor

Not only does this device help you assess whether your clients are working out safely, but it can also let you know whether they’re in the right zone for the results they’re working to achieve. Without it, you’re just guessing and that’s not going to do you or them any good.

  1. Food and exercise journals

One of the best ways to help your clients overcome their problem areas is by asking them to keep journals of their food intake and any exercise they do when they aren’t with you. This enables you to have an accurate look at what they’re doing (and not doing) so you can point out any issues that may be preventing them from reaching their goals.

  1. Electronic messaging options

To keep your clients motivated, send them random emails, texts, or other kinds of instant messages to remind them of their goals or simply cheer them on. You might even want to create your own app to make it easier to keep in touch.

  1. Progress chart

You can’t help your clients get where they want to go if you don’t keep track of their progress along the way. That’s why you want to use some type of progress chart (whether on paper or online) so you can make changes where necessary, but also they can see how far they’ve come, inspiring them to go the rest of the way.

Any other tools you use that would benefit other wellness professionals? Share them below!

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