How to Solve Your Biggest Body Problems



If I were to ask you what your biggest body problems are, it’s likely that you could give me at least two or three things that you’d love to change if you could. Fortunately, most of these issues can be solved with just a little bit of education (and a few different exercises), which is the goal of this particular post.

Here are some of the most common body problems, as well as how to effectively deal with them:

“Yikes! My arms jiggle so much when I wave that they don’t stop until a minute or two later.”

If this issue is troublesome to you, one way to tighten up the back of your upper arms is to do triceps dips. You can also do triceps pull downs with resistance bands to work this particular area as well.

“Help! My tummy looks like I’m pregnant…but I’m not!”

The abdominal region is a troublesome spot for a lot of people, men and women alike. One of the best ways to reduce its size is to lower your body fat percentage through regular cardio. It also helps to avoid any foods that make you bloat like soda, beer, or anything else that tends to give you gas.

“If my backside were any bigger, I’d need a ‘wide load’ sign!”

Some people naturally have bigger butts, but if you’d like to at least firm what you have, squats and lunges are very effective. Fast walking or running can help trim it down too.

“I like to run, but I get shin splints.”

Shin splints are one of the most common exercise-related injuries. To prevent them so you can keep running and stay in better shape, make sure you stretch your calves and shins before and after you hit the trails. Massage sticks can be very helpful with this.

Any that I’ve missed? If so, feel free to add them in the comment section below!

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