Muscular Gains L- Glutamine Supplement

Muscular Gains  L- Glutamine Supplement - Fitness Health


Glutamine is the most plentiful amino acid in the body, encompassing roughly sixty percent of the amino acid pools in muscles. Glutamine is at the top of the list for the most important single amino acids for aerobic endurance athletes. Extra glutamine is found in slow-twitch muscle, which advocates a superior requirement for this amino acid throughout aerobic endurance exercise. It is counted as a conditionally essential amino acid since it can be produced in the body; but, when under great physical strain, the need for glutamine surpasses the body’s skill at making it.

Glutamine has a selection of functions in the body, counting cell development, proper immune function, and restoration from the damage caused by physical stress. Glutamine can be found in many different foods, ranging from vegetables (cabbage, corn, and spinach) to dairy products (yogurt, milk, and egg whites) to beef. 

Glutamine has also been used as a supplement, but the results are mostly insignificant. L-glutamine supplements have been found not to be of great help to athletes, or the general healthy individual. In certain cases, however, they can be used to help those that suffer from Chrohn’s disease, insomnia, depression/anxiety, and ulcerative colitis, while also relieving some pain from the effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer 

In addition to the aforementioned benefit to aerobic endurance athletes.


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