Concentrated Loading - Overloading Muscle



Temporary overloading is often categorised as concentrated loading or overreaching. The individual typically can recover from this type of loading in a short period of time if he or she uses suitable recovery loads. As a general rule, the larger the degree and duration of the concentrated loading phase, the more time required for exhaustion to dispel and performance to improve. Notable sport scientist Yuri Verkhoshanksy suggested that performance gains may happen four-to-twelve weeks after the termination of the concentrated loading phase. Scientific support for the use of periodic concentrated loading or deliberate overreaching can be seen in studies that have detailed the neuroendocrine reactions to overreaching. Investigators have examined the hormonal and endocrine reactions to short (one week) and long (greater than three weeks) stages of concentrated loading trailed by two-to-five weeks of recovery. If, after the accomplishment of a concentrated loading period the training load is returned to normal or lower levels, performance seems to super-compensate. As noted beforehand, the duration of the concentrated loading block relates to the duration of restitution required before the super-compensation of performance transpires.

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