Strength Training Max Effort Method



The process of max effort is regarded as being superior with respect to improving both inter-muscular and intramuscular coordination (the central nervous system and the muscles adapt only to the load placed on them). This method should be used to bring about the greatest strength boosts. With it, the maximal number of motor units is stimulated with ideal discharge frequency, and the trainee then learns to augment and memorise these alterations in motor coordination (on an involuntary level). It should be noted that studies have shown that training at 90% and above for three consecutive weeks will actually impede the beneficial effect as adaptation occurs and the stress on the body soars rapidly. This, however, is dodged by switching the main exercise either every week or every three weeks. The basic application of this method is to choose one compound movement for the first movement of the day and work up to a 1RM (one repetition maximum). Two days are dedicated to max effort training (one for the squat and deadlift, and the other for the bench press). Typically, there are three sets of five repetitions, three sets of three repetitions, one set of two repetitions, and lastly three sets of a single repetition (the last three should consist of 90%, 100%, and an attempt at a new personal record!).

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