Strength Training - Brief Maximal Tension Method

If the speedy display of maximum strength is essential, then the brief maximal tension method should be given priority in training. It is distinguished from the common progressive resistance method in that hefty loads (85% to 95%) of 1RM, or your 3RM to 5RM are used and are pooled with the lifting of lighter loads (in a single training bout) and maximal loads (one repetition once or twice per week). Nevertheless, the number of sets should be amplified to more than three. Accordingly, it is suggested that trainees execute five to six exercises for six to ten sets of one to three repetitions in one workout. It improves the ability to focus neuromuscular effort and produces a superior training effect than the widespread progressive resistance method for improving maximum strength and the capacity to show it rapidly. What’s more is that it increases strength without increasing muscle mass, which is crucial for sports which entail predominantly the improvement of relative strength (like Olympic weightlifting). It is suitable to use this technique when the repetition method has become unproductive for strength development and when it is essential to improve strength speedily in a comparatively short period with a trifling volume of work.

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