What is superset training fitness?

What is super-set training  ?
This body building training method  that uses a simple fitness training technique. It works by overloading the one of body's muscle groups using different exercises to stimulate the same area.
Super-set training- for example.
Creating mini-circuits, but focusing just on the pectoral muscle group. Super set training program would consist of two or three exercises from the selection below. Each set would consist of 10 reps or more with a 30 sec break between each change of exercise.
The pectoral muscles exercises:
  • Press ups - (incline, decline, plyometric)
  • Pec fly
  • decline press
  • lateral pull down fly
  • bench press

Using a number of different exercises to muscle stimulate each group will have a massive overload on the muscles ablity therefor increasing muscles fibre activation. This helps increase muscles stamina, size,  power and strength. The technique is used by professional trainers and would not recommend any beginners from using this method. Please consult a professional before exercising. This video is a form of superset training completing all the exercises would stimulate the chest muscles and help increase the details above.


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