What resistance band should I choose?



 Resistance bands and tubes can be adapted to all methods of exercises to add resistance giving you hundreds of movements. Choosing the right tube is important to your overall goal, different strengths are available for different training. All levels of fitness

Low resistance 

Sculpting, light strength and toning- cardio training, good for runners  -reps 30

Medium resistance  

Toning, weight loss and strengthening -  resistance good for Enhancing muscle  great for boxers -reps 20

Heavy resistance

Muscle building, joint and body strengthening - great for muscular development and growth - reps 8

These bands  low cost but can last a life time.

There are a couple of other considerations to take when using Resistance tubes or bands. Sharp objects or rough surfaces can increases the risk of the rubber tearing. Check that the rubber band or tube is in good order before using it.

Yellow Band - X Light 10 lbs

Blue Band- Light 15 lbs 

Red Band -Medium 25 Lbs 

Green Band - Med heavy 30 lbs 

Black Band -Heavy 35 lbs



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