Best Sports for Muscle Building


If your number one fitness goal is to build your muscles so they are big and strong, luckily, you have many options. Some are meant to go solo, but others involve beating your competitors, leaving something for everyone who desires a body that is hard as steel and firm as rock.

Here are a few muscle building sports to consider:

  • Wrestling. When you are using all of the strength you can muster to pin your opponent to the mat for a win, no doubt your muscles are going to get a complete workout. You’ll use everything from your arms to your core to your legs, providing a full body strengthening routine that will leave you doing whatever it takes to come out on top.


  • Boxing. Like wrestling, boxing is a sport that requires and builds a lot of muscle strength as you fight your way to survival. You’ll enhance the muscle structure across your entire body as you punch and hit your way to becoming number one.


  • Surfing. If you have access to water and like to challenge yourself more than you do someone else, this particular sport may be just what you were looking for to build your muscle strength. Surfing will test every ounce of energy you have in your legs and core to keep you standing despite the waves that are trying everything in their power to knock you down.


  • Rowing. This sport can either be solo or competitive, depending on which way you want to take it. But, regardless of whether you’re trying to beat yourself or someone else, using your arms, chest, back, and stomach muscles to forcefully navigate your way across the top of the water will certainly give your body muscles that are larger in size.

Try any or all of these sports and you’re sure to increase the size and strength of your muscles tremendously. The only question is, which one (or ones) interests you most?


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