Best Sports Team Equipment for Speed Development




Are you a coach of a sports team who is looking for ways to improve your team members’ speed and agility? Maybe you play on a team yourself and strive to be the fastest you can be and are looking for the best equipment to help you achieve that goal? 

Either way, there some pieces of equipment that are necessary for proper speed development, and the three best are:

  • Hurdles. Run around a flat track or field and you’ll definitely improve your speed over time, but using hurdles enhances the effect and makes players quicker when it comes to any move that doesn’t involve just going straight forward. They help teach you how to properly navigate obstacles in front of you and also how to land on your feet when you’re up in the air, reducing your likelihood of an injury that could potentially take you out of the game.


  • Ladders. Your eye-feet coordination is key to excelling in most any sport and using ladders is a great way to hone your ability to use them both. Lie the ladders on the ground and run through them as fast as you can and you’ll not only build your speed and agility, but you’ll also train your mind to react quickly to whatever (or whoever) is in your way.


  • Cones. Most sports involve having the ability to quickly switch directions, whether to evade your opponent or to shoot the winning score, which is exactly what training with cones will do for you. Create mini-courses out of them to help you and your teammates learn how to quickly dodge an obstacle and go for the win.

Having the necessary equipment for speed development will take you and your team to the next level – possibly even to the championships. Train with hurdles, ladders, and cones and your trophy is closer than ever! 

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