Amino Acid Leucine Great for Muscle Growth


Is your ultimate fitness goal centered around growing your muscles so they are bigger and stronger than ever? Would you like to make your time in the gym count even more, giving you better results – and a rock hard body?

Leucine Is Your Answer

Leucine is an anabolic amino acid and it is the most effective of the three branched chain amino acids (the other two being isoleucine and valine) when it comes to protein synthesis. To put it in simple to understand terms, leucine helps you build muscle. How?

When you don’t get enough leucine, your body doesn’t feel as if it has the protein necessary to add to your muscle size or strength. However, increasing the amount of this one amino acid is enough to get your body to realize that it has more than what it needs and it allows your muscles to build and grow faster and more effectively in response to your workouts.

When Should You Take Leucine?

The best time to take leucine is right after you have completed your workout. Imagine that your muscles are a sponge that you’ve squeezed and squeezed during your strength training, leaving them bone dry and in desperate need of fuel. Take in leucine, protein, and any other supplements during this critical time then and they will absorb the nutrients at a faster rate. In other words, they will soak them up more effectively, allowing your muscles to heal themselves properly before the next time you stress them again with another grueling workout.

How Much Leucine Do You Need?

The actual amount of leucine necessary to enhance muscle growth is highly debated by health professionals and ranges from 2.5 grams daily to 8 or more. However, most experts agree that you should take in no more than 2.5 grams at a time, so if you do choose to have a higher amount, you’ll want to split it up between meals.

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