How to Set Your Fitness Goal



Whether you’re new to fitness or have been working out for ages, studies show that you will get more stellar results if you set a fitness goal. Not sure how to do that? Here are three simple steps that will make the process easier than ever:

  • Step #1 – Come up with a specific goal. Decide what it is you’re after each and every time you begin your workout. Is it to lose weight? If so, how much will you have to shed to feel as if you are successful? Is it to build muscle? Again, how much muscle are you looking to gain and will you measure it by size or by body fat percentage? The more you know about your goal, the more clearly you can see it, the more likely it is to become your reality.


  • Step #2 – Make it realistic. Setting a goal that you will probably never reach will only frustrate you and make you want to give up, so it has to be attainable. While it is fine to set a goal that is going to be slightly difficult to reach, just make sure that it is not only a possibility to achieve it, but also that it is safe. You don’t want to harm yourself trying to get healthy as that totally defeats the purpose.


  • Step #3 – Set short term aims. Once you know what your ultimate goal is, you’re going to want to break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This reduces your feelings of overwhelm and allows you to have several successes that will keep you motivated to stay the course. For instance, if your final goal is to lose two stone, concentrate on losing a half-a-stone or even a quarter-of-a-stone at a time.

Setting fitness goals is easy if you know how. Now that you do, it is time to do it and achieve your best body possible!

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