how much protein do you need?



Are you trying to get in shape and wonder how much protein you should get daily to help you meet your health and fitness goals? Does it confuse you to see all of the different formulas and recommendations available, so you’re completely unsure what your protein number actually is?

There is no doubt that protein recommendations are as varied as workouts, personal trainers, and dietary guidelines. However, there is one easy way to work out your own personal protein requirement and it is so simple you’ll wonder why others try to make it so hard.




The best way to determine your appropriate protein intake is to remember that you need one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight – or one-to-one. For example, if you weigh 86 kilograms, then you need 86 grams of protein each and every day to give your body the nutrients it needs to support muscle growth and retention.

How do you get enough protein to meet your daily quota? Some high protein sources to include in your diet are lean meats, low-fat cheese, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, nuts, and peanut butter. Space your protein consumption all throughout the day, taking care to get a dose of it within 30 minutes of your workout to replenish your muscles and help them grow.


The One Exception


Of course, every “rule” has an exception and this is no, well, exception. If you work your muscles aggressively by engaging in grueling workouts (both cardio and resistance training), then you should have more protein than one gram per kilo of body weight. Your muscles will need more energy and nutrients to help them heal properly, so you’ll want to go above this recommendation when you tax them extra hard.

Getting the right amount of protein takes a little bit of time and effort, but every time you look in the mirror and see the body that you’ve created, you’ll know that it was time well spent!

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