Why Physical Activity Should Be Important to You


We’ve all heard that we should be physically active if we want to enjoy total health, but what exactly is it that physical activity does for you? In other words, what makes it more beneficial than sitting in front of the television watching your favorite shows or going out with friends at night?


It Prolongs Your Life

Probably the most beneficial aspect of living an active life is that you get more life to live. Your immune system is stronger so you’re able to fight off more bugs and viruses. You’re also less likely to become diagnosed with a health condition that threatens your life, or at least the quality of it. For instance, you’ll lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.


It Improves Your Mood

In addition to giving you more days on this earth, regular exercise makes those days better. You have a brighter outlook on life and have more smiles than frowns. This is great not only for you, but also for everyone around you who cares for you and wants to see you happy.


It Lowers Your Stress Levels

Our schedules are filled now more than ever as we try to keep up with home, work, and our families. We’re going from sun up to sun down and barely stopping for a breath, which will eventually cost us our last breath if we don’t take the time to decompress. Physical activity has a way of pulling the tension from our bodies and releasing it into the world around us so that we aren’t harmed by the overabundance of obligations that so many of us have.


It Raises Your Self-Confidence

When you feel good and when you look good, your self-confidence soars. You are ready to take on the world in various other areas and own it. Nothing can stop you – not even yourself.

So, work out regularly and you can enjoy these four benefits. There’s really no down side to it so you have nothing to lose (other than weight, that is)!

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