3 exercises that will speed up your weight loss



While we’d all like to lose our excess weight yesterday, there are no exercises that promise those types of results. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to sit by and wait for the clock to tick in order to get rid of those extra pounds. In fact, if you do these three types of exercises, you’ll speed up your weight loss which means that you’ll be in your skinny jeans sooner than ever:

Suspension Training

Suspension training is a cardiovascular and weight training workout all in one, allowing you to lose more weight in less time. That is why it is used by elite athletes, top military personnel, and pro sports players. They recognize the value in suspension training and know that they can get maximum results in minimal time simply by utilizing this one easy-to-use training method.


If you’ve never tried boxing, then you may not feel that it is a very good workout. But spend just a few minutes in the ring and you’ll likely discover that it is harder than it appears. Constantly keeping your feet moving and developing your upper body strength are key to success – both in avoiding hits and losing weight. The more active you are and the more muscle you build, the greater your weight loss results.

Short Burst Sprints

Talk about a weight loss exercise that delivers! Short burst sprints not only boost the amount of calories you burn while doing them, but for long after as well. Plus, they also increase the amount of muscle you have, which means that you burn more calories even at the times when you are resting and relaxing. 

Losing weight isn’t easy and is going to take some time, but it will take even less time when you participate in these three training methods. So which one interests you most? What is your go-to exercise for quick weight loss?

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