5 Most Inspiring and Motivating Fitness Related Movies


We all go through phases in our fitness routines where we feel exceptionally, well, uninspired. It’s like you are just going through the motions and not “feeling” it. Your body may be there, but your mind certainly is not.

And if it gets real bad, your body doesn’t even play along. You may find it easier to sit on the couch and wish you were fit than actually put in the hard work and effort necessary to get a trim and tone body. How can you change that so you’re completely motivated and ready to lose weight and build muscle?

One way is to watch a movie that inspires fitness. Here are our top five picks that will make you want to throw on those exercise clothes and work up a sweat:

  • Rocky – When you watch Sylvester Stallone train to fight, it makes you want to get right up and train with him. He can get in a good workout anywhere, inspiring you to do the same.


  • Enough – Jennifer Lopez stars in this movie about a woman who learns martial arts to defend herself against her abusive husband. It turns physical fitness into a life or death situation, which it usually is, although not always quite this intense, but very motivational to watch.


  • Footloose – This particular movie is about a city boy (played by Kevin Bacon) who moves to a small country town that frowns on music and dancing, which are two key staples in Bacon’s life. It makes you want to get up and dance with him as he proves his point that dancing is good, providing yourself with a great workout in the meantime.


  • G.I. Jane – Watch Demi Moore training in this 1997 movie about a woman intent on joining the elite Navy SEALS, exercising until she throws up, and surprisingly it doesn’t turn you off. It actually makes you want to join her.


  • Remember the Titans – Denzel Washington’s role in this film about blacks versus whites in football’s earlier days inspires you to never give up, no matter how hard things get – fitness included.

What is your favorite inspirational movie that motivates you to get fit?



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