Major UK Sporting Events of 2014

Sporting events 2014 UK


2014, a big year in major sporting events, from the Winter Olympics to the Six Nations, a few of which will be taking place in the UK.

Starting the fourth of January and ending on the twelfth of the same month,

the World Championship in Darts (for both men and women) will be taking place in London, with players from England to Russia, and is surely to be an exciting experience.

Starting on the 12th of January and ending on the 19th, the Master’s Snooker championship will take place at the Alexandra Palace in London, with the winner earning a staggering 200,000 pounds and the runner-up 90,000 pounds.

Later on in the year, we have the always-popular Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slam (for both men and women). The Grand Slam takes place specifically between the 23rd of June and the 6th of July. This event is always the highlight of sporting events in the UK. That isn’t to say that there are no others.

For instance, between the 17th and 20th of July, the ever-popular Golf British Open Championship (the oldest of the four major golf championships) will be held at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Merseyside, England.

Later on in the year, from the 9th to the 12th of October, the World Masters Darts will be held at the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, Surrey, with the highest number of competitors in its history, totaling 40 competitors.

The 2014 ATP World Tour Finals (otherwise known as the 2014 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals), is a major tennis tournament to be held at the O2 Arena in London between the 10th and 17th of November later this year.

As can be seen, a host of important sporting events will be hosted this year in the UK. With respect to sports, this is a great year to be in the UK!


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