Nike Fuelband Benefits



Nike’s most recent personal fitness creation, the Nike FuelBand, functions as a standard pedometer but uses innovative tactics such as awarding badges to lure the more sedentary individuals into a more active lifestyle. Moreover, it measures physical activity with what is called the Nike Fuel virtual metric. Essentially, this is Nike’s own system of measuring the movement of all kinds of physical endeavours. Allegedly, it can track the intensity of your workouts, regardless of what they may be, along with tracking your sleep progression.

How accurate this is though, is left to the imagination. On a similar note, it can apparently track the number of steps you’ve taken, whether you are running, walking, hiking, among other things. The fact that it is water-proof, to a degree, means that it could also be used in swimming or activities of a similar, water-based nature. It can also tell you the time, so it can also serve as a less-bulky watch. Its crowning benefit, though, is most likely the fact that it recognises and bestows virtual achievements for physical labour. Ultimately, the human being tends to be motivated by incentives. Badges, trophies, achievements, irrespective of whether they are virtual or not, are powerful sources of motivation and, depending on the individual, can serve as the impetus for starting a more physical lifestyle. The degree to which this works, though, depends on how much value the individual places on virtual badges. Still, a success is a success and can serve to help many people to get off of their feet and out the door for an hour or two on a daily basis.



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