Aspects of total fitness


What does total fitness mean to you ?

If you could describe a person that you believe has total fitness what would be the first line of your description, select from the choices below;

1. I believe being totally fit is having great muscles and no fat.

2. Total fitness means somebody who has no fat, eats healthy and trains regularly.

3. A person with total fitness  is completely at ease with the world and has less bad stress.

Most of us would select answers 1 or 2, believing that fitness is more based  visual state rather than a mental state.

Total fitness

Is a fit person that has the ability to cope with stress and everyday strain of modern day living, and a high level of cardiovascular  or muscular fitness.

The ability to maintain a positive and meaningful social relationships, and an active lifestyle includes good habits describes a person with all aspects of total fitness. Not just a muscular body paradise without fat.

Total fitness is a multi- dimensional concept that includes aspects such as emotional, social, spiritual, mental, nutritional and physical fitness.

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