How to burn more calories in the park


Outdoor workouts are a breath of fresh air! My total focus and belief is that completing your workout outside is much more beneficial than working out indoors and can have a lot of positive effects. The human body is one of the most amazing creations there is: living outside is our natural state of living and often completing all your workouts in the gym or at home can leave you with psychological depression. We were created to be adventurous and explore the outside, to train in the hills and beautiful countryside.

If you were a bird, would you spend most of your time indoors flying, training your wings to be strong and powerful but never going anywhere ?

I have completed lots of different indoor exercise routines, home workouts, circuits’ sessions and fitness programs. I can say that they do have great benefits, but no indoor workout can be the same as an outdoor one. So many factors change: surfaces, weather and elevation. Amazing results come from outdoor training and fitness: you can you develop better breathing and burn twice as many calories.

Try this total body bench workout.


Complete 30 seconds of these each of exercises and you’ll be in the best shape

  1. Push ups, incline and decline,
  2. Step-ups
  3. Tricep dips


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