Make Fitness Your Hobby


When you think about a hobby that you enjoy, what feelings come to mind? Happiness? Excitement? Contentment? Well, if you make fitness your hobby, you can have these same types of emotions every time you work out! So, how do you make the transition from dreading your exercise time to looking forward to it the same way you do your other hobbies?

Here are some tips:

  • Pay attention to how good being physically active feels. It gives you a break from the stresses you have at work and home, plus it releases endorphins that are a natural antidepressant, leaving you with a smile on your face and a positive attitude.


  • Get the right equipment. Just as you wouldn’t enjoy gardening as much if you didn’t have the proper equipment (like a hoe and gloves), the same is true for getting fit. Either purchase your own equipment or join a gym that already has it and you’ll be one step closer to making this hobby a happily regular part of your life.


  • Set aside time for it. Pencil in your workout sessions the same way you would a class on woodworking or knitting. Even if you’re going solo, setting aside the time to engage in exercise will help you make it a priority instead of something you’ll do only if you get time (which hardly ever happens).


  • Share your passion with others. When you are around people who have a zest for health and fitness, you will find that it ignites your passion as well. You can find likeminded enthusiasts in classes at gyms and recreational centers, or even online. Let their motivation keep you inspired to hit new physical levels.

There are many benefits to having a hobby (such as stress relief and greater levels of happiness) and they are magnified when that hobby is fitness. Make fitness your hobby and you will not be disappointed!

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