Accu-measure personal body fat measure

Accu-measure personal body fat measure.

Currently their are over 20 different types of this product available on amazon prices range from  £5 upwards.

I purchased the original accu-measure personal body fat measure, this comes with a complete instructional guide. Make sure you purchase this product with a guide as taking fat readings are not straight forward and sometimes they can be easily taken wrong and miscalculated.

As a professional personal trainer I use lots of different tools to measure a clients fat recording. The calipers are normally the best tools for taking an accurate reading.

The best calipers on the market are made from steel or metal, they tend to be 100% completely accurate. The accu measure body fat measure is made from plastic, sometimes the readings can be slightly out. Once one reading is taken wrong the process has to be completed again.

Normally it's best too take two measurement readings, this will make sure they're accurate before making the calculation.


Using the fat measure with the instructions I took a two readings.

First reading 16 mm then second reading 17mm- then converted the mm into fat content using the chart on the instructions which gave me a fat reading of 18.1 % body fat.

Then I matched this against my professional hanson electro fat reader (£50), this works by sending a current through fat then gives you your body fat  measure. The results that came from the hanson reading were 18.5%.

I have to say that I am impressed with the readings from the accu-measure, not completely accurate but very close, considering completing this reading takes 10 seconds it has to be the fastest way to measure your fat levels and gives you an more than  average accurate reading of body fat.

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