How to Start Your 1st Session at the Gym





Whether you are new to working out in general or simply considering taking your exercise regimen to the gym, the concept can feel a little intimidating and overwhelming. However, if you follow these general guidelines, your 1st session at the gym will feel as comfortable as if you’ve been going there all along:

  • Take a water bottle with you so that you can stay hydrated while working out. Most gyms do offer a drinking fountain, but if you take your own beverage then you can take sips while exercising versus having to stop and run to the fountain each time you wish to replenish your water supply.
  • Also take a small towel, especially if you sweat a lot. While it is normal and natural to have the remnants of all your hard work drip down your body and onto the equipment you are using, it’s respectful to other gym-goers to keep that amount to a minimum.
  • Consult with a trainer so that you learn not only how to properly use the equipment available and avoid injury, but also to create a workout designed to help you effectively meet your fitness related goals. Although it may be tempting to save money and just figure things out on your own, remember that knowing exactly what to do and exactly how to do it will help you reach your goal faster than trying to figure out these things on your own.

Above all, have fun! Getting in shape shouldn’t be something you dread, so have a good time while working out at the gym.

If you fall off the treadmill, just laugh it off and get back on. Don’t get caught up in looking like a pro and enjoy yourself so that your first session doesn’t become your last.


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