Resistance Band Strength Training Muscle Rehabilitation

 Resistance Band Strength Training Muscle Rehabilitation


Resistance Band Training

The development of strength is the most important focus of most fitness training programs. Most people tend to get strength training and bodybuilding mixed up. Strength training is purely fixated on increasing strength not size, bodybuilding is purely fixated on increase of muscle size. Resistance band training is ideal for strengthening the body with exercises that can focus more specific areas helping people rehabilitate muscles and joints after injury.

Strength training primary aims to increase the use of muscle fibres activated, making the muscles stronger  more power effective.

Two different types of strength training;

  1. Strength - this training works with the overloading principle, gradually increasing the muscular strength of a period of time.
Multiple sets exercise programs continuously work muscle groups making the system work with the more reps achieved the better strength gains to be made. This will increase maximal your overall strength, also this form of training is the base source  for rehabilitation exercises.
  1. Explosive strength -  the ability to increase explosion movement and transfer maximal force in a second
High Intensity training - This is explosion training,  changing levels, techniques and weights helps develop your muscle fibres working at a high training rate will increase Speed and explosive strength.
Strength training equipment

Resistance bands are amazing tools for strength training, unlike weight training you can't feel the loads which you are using. This means that the bands don't pull your body towards to the floor like normal free weights.  Resistance bands have minimal weight, meaning that there is no law of gravity in your exercises and your movements can be strengthened in different ways.

For a boxer who wants to have achieve stronger punch , resistance bands can offer an appropriate resistance training tool because they focus on the strength of the movement. These bands can be linked into mutli directional movements and angles  which the boxer  wants to strengthen.


Exercising with the bands for use in the rehabilitation of sports injury is common. Resistance bands are normally prescribed by  physiotherapists to help speed up the recovery process  from a sports injuries.  Exercising with the bands regularly will help  your strengthen your joints, muscles and bones.

Tips for rehabilitation exercises.

  • Breakdown the movement and start at strengthening the smallest muscles and movements first
  • Throughout exercise ensure every movement is slow and controlled
  • Increase the movement weight gradually every session
  • Don't train too fast, too soon
  • Place your injury in freezing icy water after your session as this will speed up the recovery




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