Balance Exercises for the Elderly

Balance Exercises


According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people over the age of 65 have a one in three chance of falling down and injuring themselves. Not only is this bad in and of itself, but falls resulting in death tops the charts as the leading cause of injury related mortality for individuals in this age range!

That means that proper balance as you grow older is not only beneficial, but it may actually be necessary for survival. Luckily, there are some exercises you can do to help you maintain your equilibrium well into your golden years.

Heel to Toe

The first exercise you can do is called the heel to toe. Commonly used by police officers to determine whether a driver has been drinking prior to getting behind the wheel, this simple exercise you can do almost anywhere can also help you to fine tune your balance on a regular basis.

Just put your arms up to your sides at shoulder height and take steps forward in a straight line by touching the heel of one foot to the toe of the other. Go about twenty paces, turn around and take twenty paces back. If you feel off balance at all while doing this, you may want to perform this exercise close to a wall for additional support, if necessary.

Stand on One Foot

Another exercise designed to improve balance is to stand on one foot. Simply lift your right leg off the floor and hold it for ten to twenty seconds while balancing on your left foot. Repeat this a few times and then switch to the other leg.

As with the previous exercise, if you feel unsteady at all, you’ll want to have something to hold onto in the event that you begin to falter. A kitchen chair or counter works great for this purpose.

With proper balance, everyday ordinary activities can be completed with ease well into your later years. Take the time to protect your balance by doing exercises like these regularly and you can live injury free.



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