Bent over exercise band lateral raises

Bent over exercise band lateral raises.

Muscles; Traps, delts, lower back & triceps.

This is a great exercise for strengthening the lower back whilst working shoulders and upper back at the same time.


1.Bend over making sure you back are parallel to the floor, hold the handles in both hands,  keeping your legs bent.

2. Raise both your arms away laterally from body, until arms is parallel to the floor then return to your start position.

A good level of fitness is required before you start this workout.

We recommend that you should always consult a doctor before starting any exercise program workout.

Fitnesshealth holds no responsibility for any injuries caused to you or others.

If you feel any of the following ; short of breath, weak, sick, dizzy during exercising you should always slow down and stop exercising.

Fitness health holds all rights to this video and is not responsible for any injuries caused to yourself or others whilst conducting any exercises. We recommend that you should consult with your local doctor or fitness professional before starting any exercise programme.

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