10 Best Tips for Building Muscle Mass

10 Best Tips for Building Muscle Mass - Fitness Health

 10 Best Tips for Building Muscle Mass

Are you trying to bulk up and build some major muscle mass? Would you love nothing more than to look in the mirror and see a chiseled, well-formed body staring back at you?

Building muscle takes time and effort but if you do the right things, you can not only speed up the process but also make it more effective. With that in mind, here are ten tips to help you create that rock solid physique you are trying so hard to achieve:

Drink lots of water

If your muscles aren’t adequately hydrated, they won’t be able to sustain maximum effort during your trainings. In addition, dehydration can make you feel lethargic and out of energy, which will also hurt your workouts.

Eat lean protein 

Increase the amount of eggs, lean meats and low-fat dairy that you intake so that your muscles get enough protein to help them grow big and strong.

Supplement with high protein shakes and bars

If you’re pushing it hard at the gym, you’ll probably want to supplement your diet with high protein shakes and bars. Think of your muscles like sponges that require this one nutrient in order to get the results you desire.

Lose fat

If you have excess body weight, you aren’t going to see the fruits of your labor as they’ll be hidden beneath the fat. So, lose as much as you can so that your muscles are closer to your skin and in plain view.

Use slow and controlled movements

The slower you move when performing weight training exercises, the better it is for building muscle.

Keep proper form

This will allow you to isolate the muscles you’re looking to make bigger and also prevent injury.

Lift the appropriate weight

Try to lift too much and you risk hurting yourself. Lift too little and you won’t achieve the results you want.

Work your muscles to exhaustion

Ideally, at the end of your workout you shouldn’t be able to do one more rep with proper form. Reach this standard and you know you’re working out hard enough.

Perform strength training exercises 2-4 times per week. Regular and consistent weight lifting is the key to muscle building success.

Allow for 24-48 hours rest between workouts. It’s during the time that your muscles heal that they grow. So, if you work the same muscle group day after day then you’re actually inhibiting their strength as opposed to building it.

Follow these ten tips and you’ll soon have the body you want. The body you deserve. The body you’ve worked so hard to get.


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