7 Ways to Easily Fit Exercise into Your Already Busy Schedule


One of the number one complaints in regard to exercise is time. After all, when you are struggling to meet work deadlines, take care of your family, and handle all of your other obligations, when are you supposed to be able to find the time to work up a sweat and get healthy?

Well, if time is a challenge for you, here are seven ways to help you fit exercise into your schedule so that you can also fit into clothes that are smaller in size:

#1 – Put it in your calendar book. By writing your exercise into your schedule, you’re more likely to actually do it because you’ve already set aside the time necessary.

#2 – Look for ways to increase calorie burn withinyour normal day to day activities. When you incorporate physical activity into things you already do, it is a win/win situation. Park further away from places so you have to walk a longer distance and do squats when picking up your kid’s dirty laundry from the floor. It may not seem like much at the time, but it all adds up.

#3 – Combine social time with exercise time. Buddy up with a friend and you’ll satisfy your social obligations while engaging in body healthy activity too.

#4 – Use your work breaks and lunch hours. If you truly don’t want to (or can’t) set aside time before or after work to get physical, use your work break or lunch hour to go for a walk or do some stretches.

#5 –Multitask. No one says that you can’t multitask when exercising. Walk while listening to educational MP3’s or podcasts and you will not only build the muscles in your body, but you’ll also strengthen your brain too!

#6 – Get active with your kids. Spend time with your children doing something active like playing tag or riding bikes and you’ll get quality family time while teaching your little ones great health habits at the same time.

#7 –Do it first thing in the morning. If you make exercise the first thing you do each and every day, you won’t have to worry about fitting it in later as it will already be done.

Adding exercise to your calendar may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Try these seven suggestions and go from making excuses to making changes!

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