3 Gym Training Tips to Improve Your Results in 30 Minutes or Less




Let’s face it: It’s hard enough to find time to even go to the gym nowadays, with work, school, and home obligations, so the thought of spending any more time there than you have to can be rather daunting. Therefore, you probably want to make the most out of your 30-minute workout so you can enjoy a little bit of life too, but how?

Just follow these three simple gym training tips designed to improve your results in a half-hour or less:

Tip #1: Work Opposite Parts of Your Body

This tip will help you create a symmetrical physique, which means that all of your muscles and muscle groups will be developed proportionately so you look and feel great all the way around. Plus, you’ll reduce the risk of some injuries that can occur when you work one muscle group without also working the opposing one. So, if you are working your chest, for instance, you want to work your back too. And if it is your biceps you want to tone, you better work your triceps. You get the picture.

Tip #2: Don’t Stop Between Sets

Because you have such limited time in the gym, you want to get the most out of it. One way to do this is to not rest in between sets. Just keep going from one to the next so that you work your muscles extra hard, pushing them to grow bigger and stronger.

Tip #3: Switch the Muscle Group You’re Working

The third and final tip to help you improve your results in minimal time is to switch the muscle group that you’re working so that you complete a full-body exercise routine. For example, if you’re working your chest with your first exercise, make the next one for your legs.

Follow these three tips and you’ll get a greater workout in less time. What are some of your quick fitness tips and tricks?


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