Want to Double Your Calorie Burn? Just Do This!



Losing weight is hard to do. It may seem like you’re constantly fighting your metabolism, working overtime to get just half of the results that you deserve. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. There is something you can do that could potentially double your calorie burn, or more. What is it? Creating and adhering to a morning fitness routine.

Benefits of a Morning Fitness Routine

You see, when you exercise first thing in the morning, your body burns more calories throughout the course of the day. It’s like putting wood on a fire so it burns hot for hours and hours to come, as opposed to putting nothing on it and watching it extinguish due to the lack of energy.

This is thanks in part to the endorphins and hormones that exercise causes your body to release. You’re essentially giving your body a daily dose of all-natural speed that will keep you going without having to worry about fatigue setting in. You’ll find it easier to get your work done because you’ll have the energy and focus necessary to complete the job or task.

How to Make It Happen

If you’re not normally a morning exerciser, you’ll want to transition into it slowly. This will keep you from shocking your body and your mind first thing when you wake up, which will likely make it easier to give up on morning exercise all together.

Start by setting your alarm clock for five minutes earlier and, when it goes off, get out of bed and just march in place while watching the morning news. From there you can work to increase the duration and intensity of your exercise, until you get to the point where you have built your fitness routine into your day as a habit.

What do you do to get yourself to exercise in the morning?

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