What Are Explosive Workouts and Why Should You Do Them?


Have you heard the rave about explosive workouts and wonder what exactly they are? More importantly, do you know how they can benefit you physically, helping you take your fitness to higher levels? Let’s answer both of those questions right now.

What are Explosive Workouts?

Explosive workouts, or plyometrics, are commonly referred to as “burst training sessions” because you are engaging in a high intensity resistance training regimen for short bursts of time. It is a technique used by Olympians and other top athletes around the world to help them get and stay in top physical shape so they can also stay at the top of their game.

Benefits of Explosive Training

Explosive training gives you greater muscular power and enhanced speed. This is critical for players who enjoy sports such as football or tennis, as well as anyone else who is interested in improving their physical ability when it comes to resistance training and cardio. All in all, explosive training makes you a better athlete who can compete at higher levels.

How to Implement Explosive Exercises into Your Workout

One way to work explosive exercises into your current fitness routine is to engage in plyometric drills that incorporate movements that you already use in your sport of choice. For example, if you play basketball, one explosive drill to try is using a medicine ball for a chest pass. This is similar to when you are passing the ball to your teammate, making your ability to do so quicker and more efficient by using this particular workout technique.

If you want to work your lower body, you can do jumps, pushing your legs to raise you higher and higher each time. This is a great one to try for sports such as running, hurdles, and similar leg-related options.

Do you already engage in plyometric drills? If so, what is your favorite one?


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