Why You Should Spend More Time Exercising Outdoors


If you conduct all of your exercise indoors, you are really missing out on some positive benefits of working out outside. In fact, here are four compelling reasons why you should take your fitness routine and move it into the fresh air starting today:

It Offers Mental Advantages

When you change your scenery and have new things to look at as you trek your way to fitness, it does wonders for your mind. You find that boredom doesn’t have a chance to settle in because you get to see more than just four walls and, sometimes, you get to witness nature at its finest, making you appreciate the simple things in life.

The Change In Surfaces Is Good For Your Bones

Walking and running outdoors, on a variety of different surfaces such as gravel, grass, sand, and pavement can help build your bone density more so than if you spend all of your time indoors on a treadmill or track. This is due to the fact that you move differently on each one, getting your bones in better shape as they are constantly growing stronger due to the different terrains.

More Variety for Your Muscles

In addition to the changing scenery and terrain being good for your mind and bones, it is also good for your muscles too. For instance, you work different muscles while running and walking on sand than you do on a rocky mountain, so you’ll get in better overall shape when you take your exercise outdoors and expose it to a number of different options.

Better for Your Breathing

Finally, working out in the great outdoors is better for your breathing. The higher the intensity of your workout, the harder you breathe, and the more you increase your VO2 max, which is the volume of oxygen your body can use during the course of exercise.

What are some of your favourite places to work out outdoors?

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