Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time

Using Crossfit Circuit Training to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Most people think you can only build muscle and lose fat separately, well hello circuit training. Circuit training is a type of aerobic lifting that involves working out in short bursts of resistance using lighter weights and more repetitions. Circuit training works by exercising each muscle group for one set then moving on to a different muscle group. After each muscle group is exercised this is considered a circuit, which is why it is called circuit training. Circuit training is usually performed with four to eight sets in a circuit, involving three to five circuits. In circuit training there is no rest between sets, no rest between circuits and usually only lasts thirty minutes. This high intensity involved in circuit training is why it is so effective. Circuit training gets your heart rate up, while putting your muscles through brutal resistance. Circuit training is going to build muscle and burn fat. You see, circuit training is a type of interval training. Circuit training is a great way to increase the body's ability to burn calories when it is at rest. After Circuit training the amount of oxygen that a person consumes post exercise increases, which increases the number of calories that a person burns throughout the day. Circuit training is also incredibly convenient. Taking around only thirty minutes and rarely ever having rest periods, circuit training condenses your workout to maximize both time and results. Instead of heaving separate days for cardio and resistance training, circuit training combines them both. This means less time in the gym and better results. Circuit training can be customized to fit your fitness goals. Certain circuit training routines focus more on lean mass gain, and others on weight loss. Through this dynamic and personalized exercise approach, circuit training allows for an individual to gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously, all while spending as little as time possible in the gym.
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