3 Best Ways to Recover From a Workout

When your intention is to build your muscles so they become as big and strong as possible, your recovery regimen becomes just as important as the exercise session that precedes it. What? You don’t have a recovery regimen, you say? Well, then you need to create one!

Here are the three best ways to recover from a grueling workout so you get the muscle gains you seek:

#1: Take a Cold Shower or Bath

Some of the world’s top athletes use ice baths to help their muscles recover faster. According to an article published by Runner’s World, a couple of studies have confirmed the value in icing your body after a tough workout as it reduces swelling and speeds up healing. If you choose to take this route, sit for no more than 6-8 minutes in water that is 54-60 degrees Fahrenheit (12-16 degrees Celsius).

#2: Use a Foam Roller

Using a foam roller post-workout stretches your tight muscles which will help them recover faster. It’s like giving them their own personal massage without having to spend a lot of cash to get it. You can use it on your back, legs, arm, or most any other muscle in your body that you’ve worked extra hard. Just be careful that you roll on it slowly, allowing your tension to creep out of your muscles in a safe manner.

#3: Consume Creatine

Creatine replenishes your muscles by providing them with the very nutrients that will help them heal quickly and effectively. The one word of caution with this particular supplement is that you want to get a doctor’s clearance before consuming it if you have any kidney issues as these organs are responsible for removing any excess creatine from your system.

These are the three best ways to recover from a workout. What do you do to enhance your workout recovery?

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