What We Can Learn From a 1988 Study About Girls and Sports


With new research being conducted daily in the area of sports, there is still some value in studies that were released decades ago. Take The Wilson Report: Moms, Dads, Daughters and Sports, for instance. This was a study revealed by Wilson Sporting Goods and The Women’s Sports Foundation which was initially presented in June of 1988. Even though some of the statistics have most probably changed in the last 25 years, some of the underlying thoughts have likely stayed the same.

For example, this report found that 70 percent of the 513 young girls who participated in sports had one or both parents who were physically active as well. Certainly, this trend is still true today in that our actions have a huge impact on our children. Keep this in mind when you struggle with getting in your regular physical activity. Do what you would want your kids to do and you’ll find it easier to fit in the time.

The report also revealed that a majority of the girls participated in sports “primarily because it’s fun.” This is a huge factor when it comes to getting children excited about fitness. When they are engaged in activities that they enjoy, they are more likely to keep doing them, which will increase their overall health and wellness—physically, as well as mentally.

Additionally, almost all of the parents questioned (97 percent to be exact) felt that sports were beneficial to their daughters. Undoubtedly, this is still true today as is discussed in an article published a short time ago in Psychology Today titled The Moment of Youth.

In it, the author talks about how several studies have found that sports involvement can improve grades and even foster better job proposals for the participants. In order to get the most benefit, parents are urged to encourage their children to participate in higher intensity sports on a continual basis, while still striking a balance with non-sports activities too.

Even though these findings were made years ago, they still seemingly apply today. Your thoughts?

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