Best 3 Arm Exercises for Weighted Vest Training

Best 3 Arm Exercises for Weighted Vest Training - Fitness Health

 Best 3 Arm Exercises for Weighted Vest Training

Although you may think that weighted vest training works your lower body the hardest, you can also get a great upper body workout doing this type of regimen too. Specifically, you can build your arms so that they are tight and tone, making you look amazing in any tank top or spaghetti strap shirt you own.

In fact, here are the three best arm exercises when it comes to training using a weighted vest:

  • Pull-ups. Admittedly, it can be difficult enough to pull your own body weight up, but do it with a weighted vest and you’re working your muscles that much harder. So, throw your vest on, hang on the bar (with your palms facing away from you), and pull you and your vest up and get ready to feel your arm muscles burn.

  • Chin-ups. Even though chin-ups don’t differ much from pull-ups (other than your palms are facing towards you versus away from you), they work your arm muscles differently. They tend to be harder on your biceps than pull-ups, making this a great weighted vest exercise to give your primary arm muscles a clear boost.

  • Close arm press up. Press ups definitely work your arm muscles, and close press ups work them even more. Throw a weighted vest on for added weight and your arms are going to be on fire! Once you master these, you can make them more difficult yet by doing your weighted vest press up on a medicine ball or by putting your hands in a triangle shape on the floor in front of you.

There you have it, the three best arm exercises for weighted vest training. What arm exercises do you like to do with your weighted vest on?

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