How to Increase Your Chest Workout

Whether you are male or female, a chiseled chest can really enhance your physique. Furthermore, building the muscles in this area of your body also makes it easier to engage in everyday activities like picking up your kids or moving around heavy boxes. How do you increase your chest workout so that you get a chest that is more appealing and functional?

Engage in Suspension Training

Suspension training is great for working the various muscles in your chest, your largest being your pecs. When you are pulling and pushing your body in various directions via this type of strength training workout, you use your chest muscles even more than normal, building them to greater levels. Some exercises to consider adding to your suspension training routine include suspended chest presses, chest flyes, and decline pushups.



Use a Wider Grip

Another chest enhancing workout option is to use a wider grip on your barbells to help better isolate your chest muscles. All it takes is moving your hands out a couple inches beyond your shoulder width and you will certainly feel it in your chest muscles.

Vary Your Pushups

There are many different ways to do a pushup, and each one offers its own benefits when it comes to adding mass to your chest. Here are just a few options to consider:

  • Single leg pushup. Instead of having both of your toes on the floor to steady your body, lift one leg up a couple of inches and you will force your chest muscles into overdrive.
  • Wide stance pushup. Just as using a wider grip on your barbells will help build your chest, keeping a wider stance with your upper body while doing a pushup has the same positive effect.
  • Triangle pushup. Put your hands on the floor in a triangle shape and you’re going to work your chest muscles in a completely different way.

What do you do to increase your chest muscles?

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