Bear Crawl Exercise with a Harness


Bear crawls are excellent moves for toning every muscle group in your body. They work your arms as you try to “paw” your way forward and your legs as you work to push your body even harder. They even benefit your core as you are forced to stabilize your body. And if you do this exercise with a harness, the advantages grow even more.

By pulling against the resistance created by the harness, the load on your muscles increases. You have to fight that much harder to simultaneously push and pull your body ahead and it feels as if you are being held back by a ton of weights. This gives you greater muscle strength and power as well as your speed, helping you reach your health and fitness goals that much quicker.

How to Do It

To integrate a harness with your bear crawl exercises, just put it on and have someone hold the handles, using their own body weight to create the resistance for you. You could even take turns and hold the harness for them while they exercise their body, giving you an extra workout by trying to stop them from progressing ahead.

Another option is to put a fastener on your wall and connect your harness to that. This allows you to do your workout when you don’t have a partner or anyone to hold it. Just pull against the weight as you try to move forward best you can.

Some harnesses even attach to mini parachutes that use the wind to provide you resistance. So, as you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to incorporating a harness into your exercise program.

Working out with a harness adds another dimension to your strength training routine, helping you to reach a whole new potential. What do you think of using them?

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