Why You Should Never Do the Same Workout Twice


It is very easy to get stuck doing the same old workout routine over and over again. And while it seems like this type of training would be beneficial to your body in regards to endurance, the reality is that you should never do the same workout twice. Why?

The human body is amazingly adaptable. For instance, when the seasons change, your skin grows accustomed to the higher and lower temperatures so it isn’t as shocking every time you step outside. That is why 15 degrees Celsius initially feels so cold in the fall, yet so warm in the spring. Your body has adapted to the bitter winter cold.

The same type of response happens internally when you continuously do the same workout. Your body adapts and becomes more efficient. This means that you’re going to exert the same level of physical energy each time you train, but you will get less and less results as time goes on. Talk about frustrating!

The only way to combat this effect is to never do the same workout twice. This keeps your body guessing, which means that it cannot adapt to your training schedule and get “comfortable” enough to no longer provide stellar results.

Does this mean that you have to do completely different exercises every time you work out? Not exactly.

Certainly, you should never strength train the same muscle group two days in a row, but you can also vary your workout by changing up the intensity or duration. That can have the same positive effect as switching up the actual exercises themselves (which you should also do as well).

So, take a look at your current exercise routine and think of all of the ways you can change it in order to not let your body adapt. Feel free to list your ideas below as they may just help others do the same!

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