Tough Mudder for Kids 2015




If you’ve ever participated in a Tough Mudder, then you know how great you feel when you are able to summon all of your mental and physical strength and energy in an effort to complete the course. Well, now Tough Mudder has made that feeling possible for children by designing and implementing an obstacle course meant solely for them.

It is called the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder and it is available in the U.K., U.S., and Ireland to all children who stand at least 1.1m tall. What kinds of obstacles do the children get to overcome?

One is called Gooey Shoes and it involves the children making their way across a slick surface without slipping. Another is titled Don’t Get Slimed and requires carrying a bowl of some type of substance over their head as they navigate their way through part of the course. They also have other fun obstacles like the Secret Agent Squeeze and the Mount Mud, and each one is designed to test the mental and physical strength of the young competitors.

Don’t worry about sending them in without your support as there is an area where you can sit and cheer them on, offering them encouragement to keep going. This allows you to be right there with them while also allowing them to overcome the challenges on their own, thereby creating a sense of self-respect and self-empowerment that they will likely cherish for a lifetime.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about the Tough Mudder for kids is that Tough Mudder has made a pledge to donate to a children’s charity in honor of all of the young participants. So, if your child is ready and willing to join other kids and overcome some amazing obstacles, while helping other children at the same time, you may want to sign him or her up today. It is sure to be an experience they never forget.

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