Top 5 Pieces of CrossFit FItness Equipment

Best equipment for Crossfit

CrossFit is the newest rage and not without good reason. It makes you functionally fit so that you not only enjoy the advantages of being healthy, but your day to day activities become easier as you are engaging in exercises that are designed to mimic the things you already do.

So, what CrossFit equipment should you make sure you have to gain the benefits that come from this form of exercise? Here are the top five:

#1: A Weightlifting Bar

Because you can use this one piece of equipment in a number of CrossFit exercises, it is definitely worth the expense. Just make sure you get one that is sturdy enough to sustain the weights you will be using.

#2: Kettlebell

Again, due to their versatility and being able to use them in quite a few different exercises, kettlebells are a CrossFit must have. Get one that fits your hands well and, if you can, buy them in varying weights so that you can switch them around based on the exercises you’re doing.

#3: Jump Rope

You can jump your way to fitness by getting a jump rope that will not only build your arm muscles, but get your cardiovascular system stronger than ever. If you’re experienced, go with a fast one that challenges you more.

#4: Plyo Boxes

Speaking of jumping, no CrossFit gym is complete without plyo boxes. They have options made of metal or wood and both work well, so it just depends on your preference.

#5: Pull-up Rings

You can get a great upper body workout by having a pair of pull-up rings in your gym. If you don’t have rings, you can always use a bar and get the same great benefits.

CrossFit is fun and effective when you have the right equipment. Now you know what the ‘right equipment’ is.


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