muscular endurance exercises


Muscular endurance exercises offer a lot of benefits for people who engage in repeated muscle movements over long periods of time. This includes a variety of different athletes, as well as people in more physically active or demanding jobs, like chiropractors and restaurant servers.

The best way to build your muscle’s endurance is to focus on strength training movements using low weight or resistance while doing a large number of reps. This will help your muscles function more effectively for longer durations, helping you better handle the demands of a repeated activity, whether at work or play.

Here are a few muscular endurance enhancing exercises you might want to add to your fitness routine:

  • Pushups. If your goal is to improve the endurance of your chest and arm muscles, pushups are a great way to do it. While performing them on your toes provides the greatest benefits, you might need to start on your knees in order to get the reps high enough to boost your endurance.

  • Superman. The Superman works to build your back endurance, which can help improve your core strength and give you better balance. Just be sure to lift your arms and legs slowly before holding the position for a few counts and then lowering them to the ground.


  • Squat Jumps. To improve the endurance of your thigh muscles, you might want to try squat jumps. Simply do a squat and then jump into the air as high and as hard as you can.

    • Calf raises. Your calf muscles are important not only to walking and running, but also if you are involved in any sort of sport that involves jumping. You can calf raises on most any flat surface, moving to a stair edge to work them even harder once you are ready.

Perform these four exercises and you will boost your muscular endurance—making you better at whatever movements you regularly do.

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