best weight-free military exercises


Military personnel are some of the fittest people in the world. Therefore, modeling your workout regimen after theirs is a great way to get into top shape. Since they are often required to exercise without the benefit of weights and weight machines, here are some weight-free moves that you can do almost anywhere to get you in the same physical condition as some of the world’s finest soldiers:

  • Push-ups. This particular exercise works a number of muscles in your body, from your shoulders and chest to your abs and legs. The key is to keep proper form while performing your push-ups, which essentially means keeping your back straight while moving your body up and down.


    • Lunges. Lunges are great for building your thigh and hamstring muscles, giving you the strength you need to sustain longer periods of time on your feet or to move quickly from one spot to another. Keep your back straight when you perform them and try to dip as low as you can to get the greatest effects.
    • Squats. Squats really work your outer thighs, as is evidenced by the burn you feel when you do enough of them in a row. To perform them accurately, simply pretend as if you are about to sit in a pretend chair. Don’t let your knees extend forward past your toes and keep your back straight.\


    • Sit ups. Sit ups are a move that military members use to help strengthen their core. This makes lifting and carrying things easier, while also improving balance and posture. If you find sit ups too hard on your back, crunches offer the same positive effects. Whichever you prefer, do them nice and slow so that you can really feel it in your abdominal area.


    While these are exercises that have been around for ages, they are super effective which is why the military continue to use them when training soldiers.

    If you’ve been in the military, what are some of the best weight-free exercises you did? Feel free to share so others can benefit from them too!


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